Ettayapuram Campus

Ettayapuram is the Birth place of SubramaniaBharathi A K A MahakaviBharathiyar. Bharathiyar  is considered as people’s poet, a great nationalist, outstanding freedom fighter and social visionary

The sprawling 102 Acres campus at Ettayapuram is the main campus of Sri Venkateswaraa University. The Campus began its academic activity by launching BSc (Hons) Agriculture Programfor the Academic Year 2022-23.


Redhills Campus

Redhills is the Second Place for incorporated by a group of visionaries with vast experience and expertise in higher education and Healthcare.


Among the many allied healthcare courses available in India, BSc Cardiac Care Technology has been one of the popular choices for aspirants. BSc Cardiac Care Technology has been designed to train students to take care of patients with cardiopulmonary diseases with the help of treatment and pre/post-surgery care.

The BSc Cardiac Care Technologists job roles vary from assisting specialists during surgeries and operation to aiding the patient during the rehabilitation period. A Cardiac Care Technologist will look into operating important and relevant instruments, while also monitoring the heart and pulse rate.

Those aspiring for the BSc Cardiac Care Technologists course will spend a duration of 3 years learning different BSc Cardiac Care Technologists subjects and topics in the area, while also be asked for an internship on the completion of their course. Depending from college to college, an aspirant will be asked to sit for an entrance test, which, if applicable, will be conducted by the institution itself. 

Career opportunities

The Medical Industry is vast and extensive, therefore, the scope of finding a job after graduating from a B.Sc Cardiac Care Technology course will be high. Most of the job opportunities will open up in hospitals that are licenced to carry out surgical operations, however, there are other career paths and options, which are available for a Cardiac Care Technologist. Here is a list of employment areas which are open to a graduate of Cardiac Care Technology.

  • Government and Private Hospitals or Clinic

  • Rehabilitation Centres

  • Healthcare Offices

  • Academic Institutes

  • Nursing Care Centres

There are many other sectors which can be pursued by the graduates. Here is a list of career paths that can be pursued in the different medical sectors.

  • Cardiovascular Technologist

  • Cardiac Care Technologist

  • Cardiac Care Technician

  • Echocardiographer

  • Medical Sonographer

  • Consultant Nephrologist

  • Cath Lab Technologist

  • Dialysis Technician


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