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  1. Students who have done P.G. earlier and resided in the hostels once are not eligible for thesecond time.
  2. Mess Bill should be paid within 10 days from the date of display of Mess bills on the notice board. A fine of rupees one or two will be levied upto 20 days and thereafter their names will be removed from the Register. After that a Re-admission charge of Rs.110/- will be collected along with the regular mess bills for regularisation of hostel admission.
  3. Students admitted into hostels should always keep their identity card and shall show it whenever the University hostel authorities, Police demand.
  4. Students should stay in the rooms allotted to them by the Hostel authorities. Outsiders should not be entertained in the Hostels. Otherwise their admission into the hostels will be cancelled without prior notice.
  5. Use of Electrical Heaters, Radio, tape recorder, Computers inside the hostels is strictly prohibited.
  6. The Students shall maintain decency, decorum , hygiene in dining hall and use water in bath rooms and latrines and not give any scope for contagious diseases.
  7. No meals or breakfast shall be allowed to be carried outside the dining hall unless specially authorised by the Medical Officer, if the students are sick or otherwise.
  8. Consumption of liquor and alcohol inside the hostel is strictly prohibited. The hostel authorities are not responsible for the action taken by the Police in this regard and such boarders are liable for expulsion from hostels.
  9. Hostel Furniture such as chairs, cots, tables and other electrical appliances damaged by the students, if any, will be repaired/replaced and charges will be collected from the respective students of the room along with their mess bill.
  10. M.Tech. / M.Phil. / Ph.D. Scholars who seek hostel admission should have cleared their mess dues of earlier Courses and enclose the No-Dues certificate along with their application.
  11. Students should vacate the hostels after theory examinations, after obtaining No-.Dues certificate from the hostel authorities and shall produce identity card whenever they receive refund of C.D. amount.
  12. Ragging, eve-teasing, individual attacks are strictly prohibited. Hostel authorities are not responsible for the criminal and other police disciplinary action taken
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