The S.V. University has entered into Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs) with several foreign Universities, national level institutions / labs for providing collaborative research. Linkages Developed with National / International / Academic / Research Bodies

  S.No Memoranda of Understanding (MOU) Date
1 Dr. K.T. Ramakrishna Reddy, Dept. Of Physics MOU with Northumbira University, UK June/July 2003
2 Prof. V. Venkataramana Reddy, Oriental Research Institute MOU with National Mission for Manuscripts, New Delhi 24-09-2003
3 Prof G. Sudarsanam, Dept. of Botany, MOU with Yunnan Academy of Forestry, China 24-11-2005
4 MOU between SVU, TPT, A.P. and Savannah State University, Savannah, G.A.(USA) 15-12-2005
5 MOU between the Registrar, SV University, Tirupati and M/s SRAishhTiH Management Solutions, Hyderabad (STMS) 29-12-2005
6 Prof C.K. Jayasankar, Dept. of Physics MOU between SVU, Tirupati, and UNVERSITA DEGLI STUD I DI VERONA 23-01-2006
7 SV University, Tirupati MOU with Prithivi Information Solutions Ltd., Hyderabad (PIS) 28-04-2006
8 MOU between SV University, Tirupati and the National Geophysical Research Institute, Hyderabad (NGRI) 01-05-2006
9 MOU between SV University, Tirupati, and Central Leather Research Institute, Chennai (CLRI) 01-05-2006
10 MOU between SV University, Tirupati, and Consumer Affairs, Food & Civil Supplies, Govt., of A.P., Hyderabad 12-05-2006
11 MOU between Andhra Bank, Hyderabad and SV University, Tirupati 10-06-2006
12 MOU for Academic Research Cooperation between Blekinge Institute of Technology Karskrona, Bleking, Sweden, and SV University, Tirupati. 29-08-2006
13 MOU between Indian Institute of Human Rights, New Delhi and Sri Venkateswara University, Tirupati. 19-02-2007
14 Dr. C. Venkata Rao, Asso.Prof., Dept., of Chemistry, MOU between Sugen Life Sciences, Tirupati and SV University, Tirupati 16-03-2007
15 MOU between Police Research within Various Universities, Department of Psychology, SV University, Tirupati. 23-05-2007
16 Prof DVR Sai Gopal, Dept., of Virology, MOU with ICRP Sugen Life Science, Tirupati - Reg. 22-06-2007
17 MOU between Indian Metrological Department (IMD) New Delhi and SV University, Tirupati and SV University, Tirupati 10-07-2007
18 Prof G. Sudarsanam, Dept., of Botany, MOU between SV University, Tirupati, and AP Medical Aronatic Plant Board, Hyderabad - Reg. 10-09-2007
19 Prof. W. Rajendra, Dept., of Zoology, MOU between CLC Bio, Hyderabad - Reg. 22-12-2007
20 MOU between University of Verona and SVU Prof C.K. Jayasankar, Dept., of Physics, SVU, TPT. 27-02-2008
21 MOU between the Vice-Chancellor, SV University, Tirupati and St. Laurent Institute Washington, USA 09-05-2008
22 MOU between Anthropological Survey of India and the Collaboration Institution / Department, Kolkota and SVU, Tpt. 17-06-2008
23 MOU with South Asia Rural Reconstruction Association (SARRA) Bangalore, SV University, Tirupati. 01-12-2008
24 MOU Between Honeywell Technology Solutions, Bangalore and SV University, Tirupati. 01-01-2009
25 MOU Between SV University, Tirupati and Edu Design, Hyderabad. 04-07-2009
26 Dr. J. Karthikeyan, Dept., of Civil Engineering, MOU Between SV University, Tirupati and Brandenburg University of Technology Cottabus, Germany. 08-05-2009
27 Prof. Y. Venkatarami Reddy, MOU Between SV University, Tirupati and GE India Technology Centre Private Limited, Bangalore. 16-11-2009
28 Prof. C.K. Jayasankar, Dept., of Physics, MOU Between SV University, Tirupati and Board of Research in Nuclear Science (BRNS) Mumbai. 20-01-2010
29 Prof. G. Rajarami Reddy, Dept., of Zoology, MOU Between SV University, Tirupati and DRDO (Govt, of India ) 15-02-2010
30 Director, SVU Computer Centre, MOU Between SV University and Micro Soft Corporation, USA. 21-04-2010
31 Prof. D.L. Kusuma, Dept., of Home Science, MOU Between SV University and SPICE Board, Cochin. 01-03-2011
32 Prof. C. Suresh Reddy, Dept., of Chemistry, MOU Between SV University, Tirupati and CDRI (Central Drug Research Institute) Lucknow 26-03-2011
33 Prof. MuralidharRao, The Principal, SVU College of Engineering, Tiruapti, MOU Between SV University, Tirupati and SRRS (Solar Radiation Resource Assessment Station ) Hyderabad. 04-05-2011
34 MOU Between SV University and Electoral Roll Management, Hyderabad. 23-02-2011
35 Prof. G. Sudarshanam, Dept., of Botany, MOU Between SV University and University of Colombo, Sri Lanka. 27-12-2011
36 MOU Between Asst. Prof. M. Balaji, Dept., of Bio-Chemistry, SVUCS, SVU and NIN . May. 2013
37 MOU Between SVU and Sri Maharshi Research Institute of Vedic Technology (SRIVT), Secunderabad (SRIVT). 27-03-14
38 MOU Between SVU, IIT, Madras( NPTEL) and Seer Akademi. 29-04-14
39 MOU Between SVU and The Ayodhya Research Institute, yodhya, U.P. 06-02-2013
40 Between SVU and Erasmundus (BRAVE PROJECT) Agriculture University, Athens – Prof. D.V.R.Sai Gopal, Dept. of Virology). 20-03-2015
41 MOU Between SVU and Universiti of Malaysia, Kelantan ( Prof. G.Sudharsan, Dept. of Botany). 25-03-2015
42 MOU Between SVU and CSIR-NEERI (National Environmental Engienering Research Institute ) Nehru Marg, Nagpur 16-04-2015
43 MOU between SVU and Sujay Biotech Pvt. Ltd., and SVU, Tpt. 2015
44 MOU between Chittoor NRI’s organization, USA and SVU, Tpt. 2015
45 MOU between Vennar Group, US (Vennar organic Fertilizer Pvt. Ltd. &Vennar Soft Inc., USA and SVU, Tpt 2015
46 MOU between Vixta Solutions, LLC (“VixtaSolns” or “Vixta” or other deviation) and SVU, Tpt. 2015
47 MOU between Ramsoft System Inc., USA and SVU, Tpt. 2015
48 MOU between Nakhon PathomRajabhat University, Thailand and SVU, Tpt. 2015
49 Mou between University of Malaysia Kelantan for faculty Exchange Programme. 2016
50 Mou between Vixta solutions, USA for student exchange programmes and internships. 2016
51 Mou between Ramsoft systems Inc, USA for training facility at Tirupati. 2016
52 Mou between Banking University of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam for mutual exchange programmes. 2016
53 Mou between University Bengkulu, Indonesia for mutual exchange programme. 2016
54 Moubetween University of New Orleans to offer followship programme for graduate students. 2016
55 Mou between Chittor NRI’s USA for plantation in rural and urban areas of Chittor district. 2016
56 Mou between Vennar group, USA is going to launch courses in robotics in Mechatronics. 2016
57 Mou between International Technical University of Sanjose, USA is going to offer bridge courses. 2016
58 Mou between StraEd, USA is going to offer masters course in cyber defences. 2016
59 Mou between global business incubator centre, USA to start-up a business incubator centre to support entrepreneur of SVU Campus. 2016
60 Mou between CSIR-NEERI, Nagpur has initiated Research Collaborations. 2016
61 Mou between Sujay Biotech PVT, Ltd, Vijayawada has made Research Collaboration. 2016
62 Mou between Sujan Life Sciences, Tirupati extended Research Collaboration in Biotechnology. 2016
63 Mou between Bharath Innovation Labs [P] LIMITED, Hyderabad to establish Digital Technology innovation Centre. 2016
64 Mou between Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), will conduct placements, workshops and faculty development programs. 2016
65 Mou between ESF Labs, Vijayawada is going to offer Certification, Diploma, PG Diploma and Master of Science courses in Cyber Security, Digital Forensics, SCADA Security, Smart City Security, Ethical Hacking and Cyber Range. 2016